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We love a good charity event, so this year it was great to take part in a local hike for a Cancer Charity Mike supports. Oh, bye the way a quick shout out to the guys over atMountain Motion, who supplied us with some great kit  – thanks guys – it meant a lot – especially 2000 feet up 🙂

Now we all know that hikes can be very fun. Especially if it is warm, they are a great way to bond with other people or just get in touch with yourself and find a little quiet time in the nature. Whatever the case, it is definitely something many people,including me find fun, yet they start to get discouraged when it comes to preparation. Going in the forest for example – you need to consider things like how much time your hike will take, what is practical, what should you take? All these things are crucial, because there is limited space in a back pack – as I found out –  and it should be filled wisely if you are to spend a whole day away from home and still have a good time.

So what should you take in your backpack? Well, before you start coming up with ideas first try to remember that accessories come last. You should start with the most important stuff like food, water and clothes. Food is always the big event on a hike, but don’t be tempted to take something that uses too much space. Stick with sandwiches and other compact things that won’t interfere with your other luggage.

So after you have figured out the food ant the water, which includes how much of them you need, it is time to start with the precautions. First, ensure that you have clothes. You should take something that can protect you from rain if this should happen, as well as a spare shirt or jacket. It is a very wise thing to take, because once you get too sweaty you can easily catch a cold. Ensure that the clothes you are taking are from good materials and still don’t take too much space. A wise thing is to hook them on the pack, instead of putting them into it, because this way they won’t take space at all.

After the clothes come the basic precautions. You definitely need a rope. It can save you from many situations and no matter what are your intentions, nature is not always gentle. You have to be prepared for all kinds of scenarios, so a rope is a must for everyone who is considering to go on a hike. Apart from the rope you should take a knife. Not a cooking one, but one that is sharp and hard enough to cut wood if necessary. With a knife you can do a lot of things in the open – sharpen stakes, make sparks from stones, defend yourself and, of course, cut your food. A knife should be something that is immensely present in your pack, because it is the absolutely most basic tool for survival.

Whatever you choose to take with you in your backpack, remember to think in advance about contingencies. Don’t be tempted to take things that are not necessary and always ensure that you have water, food, rope, knife and clothes for change. If you still have space left, than you can freely start putting additional things that are not as important.

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