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May 16, 2015
by admin


We love a good charity event, so this year it was great to take part in a local hike for a Cancer Charity Mike supports. Oh, bye the way a quick shout out to the guys over atMountain Motion, who supplied us with some great kit  – thanks guys – it meant a lot – especially 2000 feet up 🙂

Now we all know that hikes can be very fun. Especially if it is warm, they are a great way to bond with other people or just get in touch with yourself and find a little quiet time in the nature. Whatever the case, it is definitely something many people,including me find fun, yet they start to get discouraged when it comes to preparation. Going in the forest for example – you need to consider things like how much time your hike will take, what is practical, what should you take? All these things are crucial, because there is limited space in a back pack – as I found out –  and it should be filled wisely if you are to spend a whole day away from home and still have a good time.

So what should you take in your backpack? Well, before you start coming up with ideas first try to remember that accessories come last. You should start with the most important stuff like food, water and clothes. Food is always the big event on a hike, but don’t be tempted to take something that …